July 20th, 2016

Erik Axel Karlfeldt

Эрик Аксель Карлфельдт (Erik Axel Karlfeldt) [20 июля 1864 — 8 апреля 1931] — шведский поэт; лауреат Нобелевской премии по литературе (1931 - посмертно).


Leslie Caron

Actress and dancer Leslie Caron using a real cat for inspiration as she paints a still life, circa 1965. (Photo by John Pratt/Keystone Features/Getty Images)

French film actress Leslie Caron pets her housecat as her American first husband, meat packing heir, and musician George Hormel II (1928 - 2006), known as Geordie, bends down to talk to the animal at their hillside house, Hollywood, California, 1952. (Photo by Ruth Orkin/Getty Images)